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11 very useful Spanish Podcasts you should follow to learn Spanish


Learning a new language is always fun because then it could mean going on vacation and not having to find all the places that speak English, but now you can communicate with the locals (for the most part).

Or you can speak with people you work with and not have to feel left out of the conversation.

You can also surprise those people who are talking about you but think you can’t understand them (those are always the best ones).

Or maybe you’re just bored.  Whatever the case may be, many would like to do it on the go while traveling or shopping. Doesn’t matter, but that’s where podcasts come in. They are easy, and convenient and can help you learnt the second language you’ve always wanted to learn.

Below, we have selected a very useful list of what we think are the current Top Podcasts sites for learning Spanish. Bookmark them right now because, if you are really interested in improving your Spanish, you will be using them very often.

Coffee Break Spanish

Each one is short; we’re talking less than 20 minutes long (with the majority being under 15 minutes). But when you name something Coffee Break, you would assume that they would be short honestly. Season 1 is for beginners and it moves up in difficulty by season. They focus on what you need so you can speak with locals in the area.


Just like college classes marked 101, these are the basics.  Each episode focuses on the language, but since it’s recent they also focus on current events, which, makes it easier to talk to the locals and ask them how their day was or how they feel about certain situations. They also offer a survival phrase series too which you never know may come in handy.

Master Spanish Now!

This is one for those who are past beginners and more into the advanced stages of the language. They focus on Latin American Spanish (which is the most popular) and focus on Columbia and the language there, and use words that actual residents use. Each of the podcasts is 19 minutes long, so quick enough even for the morning drive.


This is targeted for all levels, not just beginner or intermediate. It’s free (as all of them on the list are), and, unlike many of the others, there is a new podcast every day. Everything is brought about with natural feeling conversations and what is really said, not just textbook conversations. The podcast also offers additional exercises and resources to help you on your way.

Study Spanish.com

With great background music, this one should be easy to listen to. It’s a fully immersive program that helps beginners to get a real grasp on the language but also for those who are higher levels as well. It’s not limited to only one level. Plus, if you access it on their website, there are also quizzes and exams that you can take to determine your proficiency in the language.

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Language Trek

Language Trek is an educational software company and have developed Discover Spanish, an award-winning language learning system that focuses on practical speaking skills, but they also have an interesting podcast section that it’s worth to mention. Throughout the podcasts the listener is invited and encouraged to repeat words and phrases out loud which will help you with your confidence when speaking.

Podcasts in Spanish

Many podcasts in Spanish to listen and learn about a variety of different topics with original voices and based on real situations and conversations. All podcasts are free for language learners and teachers, but only members receive the learning Spanish worksheets, vocabulary tasks, webquests and transcripts.

Notes in Spanish

Notes in Spanish is a website made by native Spanish woman and native English man. It provides a great collection of long podcasts about many different subjects. The podcasts are made in Spanish and English and in a conversational style, so you can follow each lesson easily and have fun.
Most of the podcasts are free and they also have worksheets for each podcast that you can buy for extended information about each topic.

Spanish Obsessed

These podcasts are created by a real-life couple who are Spanish speakers.  Rob is from London and Liz from Colombia and they are doing a great job helping students of Spanish. They have different levels and are based in the communicative method and real life situations.

News in Slow Spanish

News in Slow Spanish is as the name says, News in Spanish bit in a bit slower version. As some students says the podcasts are much easier to understand than Spanish news on television, therefore can be very useful for learners who want to improve their listening skills but still are struggling to understand all.

Spanish Podcast Org

Simple and free podcast website entirely in Spanish for a full immersion. Every Episode contains the transcript, exercises, translation and link to resources and videos. It’s probably more teacher oriented as a resource but it deserves a mention in this list.

These are just a few of the podcasts that are available for those trying to learn Spanish and really feel like they understand what they are saying, not just rote practice. These ones that are listed are either free or low cost, and while there are others, these are some of the best out there. 

Feliz Aprendizaje!

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