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We use communicative language teaching and task-based instruction. The classes are based around conversation and activities relating to useful examples of every day situations. Thanks to this innovative system we will help you speak and develop awesome communication skills in Spanish and learn relevant language and vocabulary to be spoken in real life situations.

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Spanish Language Level System


Our level system is built under the guidelines of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and ACTFL (American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages) to ensure reliable and objective rating of linguistic ability.

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What is the communicative language teaching method?

Communicative language teaching makes use of real-life situations that necessitate communication. This is one of the latest approaches to learning a foreign language and it has proven to be very useful in developing and improving language skills. It’s mainly based on communication rather than oral based practice. The student uses the language in real life situations and learns through tasks in which the learner has the same control/participation as the teacher or tutor.

Use of real life and authentic situations

When a teacher asks you “What colour is my car?”, this is an unusual question, usually asked in a classroom, but not found outside the classroom and therefore it’s not useful for real life. Instead the communicative language teaching method is based on authentic real life experiences where the student can learn useful language skills, language functions and syntax to apply in real life situations.

Task-based learning

Task -based learning offers an alternative to the classic methods such as PPP (Present, Practise, Produce). The lesson is based around the completion of a central task and the language studied is determined by what happens as the students complete it. The students are free of language control. They must use all their language resources rather than just practising one pre-selected item.

Communication is not the same as oral practice

You can speak a lot and practise orally but this doesn’t mean that you are communicating. In general, the goal of oral practice is to practise a language function, syntax or grammar rule to improve accuracy, whereas the goal of communicative tasks is to communicate in a real-life simulated environment to improve language skills for different situations as well as language fluency and accuracy.

The learner is in control

When the teacher has control of the activity in a conventional classroom, it’s a guided practice activity. Instead, our method allows the learner to be in control as well, and this allows real communication. When the teacher is telling you how to do it and why to do what you are doing, this is practice, but isn’t beneficial to the students who need to be given some kind of freedom to make their own choices.

Benefits of the communicative language teaching method

More communication, less memorizing

Strong communicative approach.
Strong communicative approach whereby students spend a lot of time communicating.
The students communicate by using the language rather than by memorizing the language, which is what they truly want.

Use of wider range of language functions

Focusing on the students' needs.

The language explored arises from the students’ needs. Research has found that when the lessons are teacher-controlled the student doesn’t get to use all the language functions.

Relevant subjects

Enjoyable and motivating lessons.

A natural context is developed from the students’ experiences with the language that is personalized and relevant to them.

Other Methods
While focusing on the communicative method, we also make use of other traditional methods such as the grammar-translation approach, the direct and audio lingual methods to complement the communicative approach and provide a comprehensive knowledge of the Spanish language.

Our tutors are experienced and professional individuals who understand that every student has different needs and therefore will adapt their teaching methods and syllabus to suit your preferences.


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