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Best methods for learning Spanish


Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world with 414 million speakers next to the Chinese language with 1.2 billion speakers. Learning to speak Spanish has a huge advantage as you would be dealing with the world’s second most spoken language and one of the widely taught in the US with many benefits.

Despite teaching Spanish in American schools, many can barely speak the language. While some blame inability to speak on the lack of interest or difficult to learn a new language; experts say the methods of teaching the language need addressing.

With better and more efficient learning Spanish methods, everyone can learn Spanish with time. There are various methods for learning a new language; we will briefly consider some below:

Vocabulary based learning. This approach stresses vocabulary acquisition through matching vocabulary words with pictures and gets the learner to repeat the vocabulary until internalized.

Grammar based learning. This method emphasizes reading and writing in the target language. It combines the use of grammar rules with vocabulary, with every vocabulary expected to highlight the grammar points.

Immersion learning method. This approach emphasizes learning a language by interacting with the locals and dwell around places where the language is commonly spoken or used in everyday life.

Communicative learning method. It involves teaching learners in a classroom with emphasis placed on receptive (reading and listening) and productive (writing and speaking) skills in conjunction with grammar and theme-based vocabulary.

Task-based learning method. The learning process allows the learner to use learning task to achieve particular learning outcome while focusing on real life situation.

Learning Spanish methods, like in all new language learning, have many approaches, but the five methods listed above are the typically used for imparting language teaching.

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The best learning Spanish methods

To learn a language with fluency and success, we need to choose the best learning method or a combination of methods that is efficient and productive.

Among the learning methods above, the Communicative and Task-Based methods are adjudged the best. 

Communicative language learning method

This learning method is an approach to learning a foreign language where attention is directed to the relevant use of the language in the everyday life situation that serves to align with a learner’s reality in real world rather than classroom situation.

Communicative Language approach thrives on the following principles:

  • Learn language by communicating
  • Achieve authentic and meaningful communication goals
  • Learner interact to achieve fluency
  • Integrate different language skills to communicate
  • The communicative language techniques include
  • Use of authentic material
  • Scrambled sentences
  • Language games
  • Picture strip story
  • Role play
  • Presentation and discussion
  • Oral practice
  • Advantages of communicative language approach
  • Learner motivation
  • Builds communication competence
  • Self-paced learning in an atmosphere of independence
  • Task-based language learning method

Task based learning method

Task-based learning process functions within communicative learning technique. It is believed that learners learn best when they are allowed to communicate in authentic life situations. The language learning skills learned using task-based learning process builds transferable skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking to real world situations.

The combination of communicative and task-based learning methods serve as the best learning technique that promotes the natural acquisition of foreign language in real life situation.

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