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Best on Twitter week (27 April – 3 May)

Last week was an exciting week for Spanish learners, we found some really informative posts and we will share below with you. Share if you like and follow us on Twitter for updates.

If you like to read, and you should if you want to learn any language. Below you can find a list of 15 Essential books that will help you to achieve Spanish fluency.

Can you be fluent in 10 days? Following the topic about fluency in Spanish, we wrote a post that deals with the question. Is there really any magic trick to do to reach fluency? Read and discover it.

From Lingholic, a prolific language blogger, we got this joke, that even if  it’s not related to Spanish, we find it very funny 🙂

The Washington Post providing some really interesting facts about the World’s languages. Have a look at the interesting maps and charts created by the publication.

And to add some beauty and history to the week, we share a great photo from one of the most historical cities in Spain, Toledo.

And last, we found a great quote from Speaking Latino, which makes a lot of sense to us and hope to you too.

Have a lovely week and see you next week with the best tweets about Spanish language and learning.


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