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Languages: Spanish, English, Chinese, Dutch
Nationality: Ecuador
Location: The Netherlands

Tamara is from Cuenca, Ecuador but she lives in The Netherlands. She enjoys learning languages,
traveling and learning from different cultures. She has a bachelor degree in Foreign Trade and a
master’s degree in Chinese-Spanish translation and interpretation from the Beijing Language and
Culture University. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Chinese and at the moment she is a Dutch
beginner student. She has worked as an interpreter for Latin-American diplomats in China, and as a
foreign language teacher she has experience with students of different ages and backgrounds since
As a foreign language student herself she understands every student has a different objective, so her
teaching method will be designed especially for you in order to meet your needs, no matter if you
are beginner or advanced level student.


Tutor Maria

Languages: Spanish, English
Nationality: Argentina
Location: Rosario, Argentina
Maria is from Argentina. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English-Spanish Translation and a Degree in English-Spanish Interpretation. Most recently, she has received a 240-hour TEFL certification from i-to-i Academy.

She has been working as a teacher since 2013. She has worked both in Argentina and abroad. She worked at two different institutes in Argentina, teaching students aged between 5 and 16 years old. In 2017, she taught a summer course in Viladecans, Spain to students aged between 15 and 40 years old. She has also experience working online with children and adults of all ages and at different levels of proficiency.

She has lived in Australia for a year and a half and in Spain for a year.

She is a very responsible and dedicated professional and her main objective is to help her students achieve their own goals. She believes her role is to act as a guide: students should discover the rules by themselves.  


Tutor Ilari

Languages: Spanish, English, German
Nationality: Venezuelan
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Ilari Narvaez is from Caracas, Venezuela. She finished her studies at the Universidad Central de Venezuela as an English and German translator. She has worked as an English teacher at FUNDEIM, a language institute in the same university. In her experience as a teacher, she has worked also with students from different countries, so it makes her to understand other people cultures, ideas and thinking.
On one hand, she is very charismatic, patient and a good listener, and on the other hand, she is also very competitive. She loves to give her best so that she can demand the same of others as well, so make sure that she is going to be a great support in your learning process.
Languages: Spanish, English
Nationality: Colombian
Location: Barranquilla, Colombia
Yucelis is a creative, kind and friendly teacher from Barranquilla, Colombia who has a degree in Spanish and Literature, aside from English.

She has been working as a teacher for five years, teaching languages online and offline with students of different ages.

She always find a way to motivate her students and make them feel comfortable while learning a new language.


Languages: Spanish, English
Nationality: Colombian
Location: San Gil, Colombia

Claudia was born and grew up in Colombia. She is very energetic, highly personable and easy to approach person.
She holds a Masters in Online Education, 3 years of experience teaching Spanish over the internet and 3 years of teaching Spanish face-to-face and has taught to students from all over the world.
Through her years of teaching languages she has developed her own approach of tailoring classes to the individual, so her lessons are tailored for the students, in order to help them to improve and achieve a higher level of Spanish.

spanish skype lessons
Languages: Spanish, English, French
Nationality: El Salvador
Location: San Salvador (Chicago)

Luis Mario Lopez has a Language Degree form the University of El Salvador and works as a language university teacher in his country. He has more than two years of experience teaching languages in classroom settings as well as online classes with both kids and adults.
He is an expert on second language acquisition theories, and this helps him find the path every learner needs to go through in order to achieve fluency and accuracy in the Spanish language.
He is patient and goal-oriented, He always find ways to motivate his students and to make them feel confident when using the language.

Languages: Spanish, English
Nationality: Venezuelan
Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Peggy Echenique is from Caracas, Venezuela. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Tourism, but what she really likes is teaching, hence she has a wide experience teaching English and Spanish.

She also holds a Teaching Diploma and has several years’ experience teaching languages, including teaching at many Universities in her country in pre and post grade as well as online.

She is very talkative and likes to talk about different countries’ cultures and other interesting topics and she loves teaching kids as she is very patient and friendly person.

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