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Formal letter in Spanish

Do you need to send an email or letter to a customer, apply for an open position or contact a business partner? You can do it now! In the image above you can see the main parts of the formal letter:

Membrete: This is the letterhead, the part where the company name, address, etc is placed.

Fecha: Date, the date the letter is sent.

Dirección del destinatario: Recipient address, this is the address where the letter is being sent.

Saludo: Greeting. In a formal letter, normally start with “Estimado/a Sr./Sra.” or “Estimado Sr. / Estimada Sra.”

Cuerpo de la carta: Body of the letter. This is the main text of the letter. Remember to write politely and don’t make any grammar or orthographic mistakes.

Despedida: This is the farewell. Common words are “Antentamente”, “Saludos Cordiales”, “Atentamente se despide”.

Firma: Signature.




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