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Like Water For Chocolate/Como Agua Para Chocolate

Based on the 1989 novel of the same name, Like Water For Chocolate takes on several themes central to Latin culture, such as family duty, revolution, passionate love, and binds it with the twin Latin staples of seasonal cooking and Magical Realism. It is the story of Tita, who, when forced to look after her sick mother rather than be with her true love Pedro, infuses dishes with her emotions, and unwittingly shares them with all who taste her food.

So often a literary and artistic device, magical realism is finally set loose to weave a sensuous tale about a family’s life, while all the while freedom remains both the internal and external goal – freedom for Tita and Pedro to love, and freedom for Mexico, as the film is set against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution. At once a masterful adaptation of a justifiably lauded novel, and a visual and thematic delight all of its own, Like Water For Chocolate is essential to understanding the psychology of a people.

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