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You should Learn Spanish if…

You should learn Spanish if….What are the main that motivates people to learn Spanish around the World?

You’ve got a Spanish-speaking girlfriend or boyfriend, whom you’d love to impress.

You’re planning to work in Spain or any of the Spanish speaking countries in South America, or go on holiday there. Or retire in their laid-back, sunny climes.

You’re a football player with serious ambitions of being picked to play for Barcelona. Or Real Madrid.

You love to show off your fantastic linguistic skills to your circle of friends and colleagues.

Of course, you can just learn Spanish for the fun of learning a new language. Or use it when you want to say less than polite things to your family and friends in such a polite voice, they’ll NEVER catch on.

To tell the truth, Spanish is a glorious, passionate language that sounds wonderful. It also sounds wonderful, when sung in a smoldering voice. When accompanied by a passionately played flamenco guitar and suitably smoldering looks, it’s guaranteed to make the girls swoon.

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If you’re considering learning Spanish you’re in good company. Spanish is spoken by hundreds of millions of people the world over. Learning Spanish can mean you’re opening yourself up to a whole new world of books, music and movies.

You can start your Spanish education off with one little phrase that sums up a lot. When you don’t know quite what to say, the phrase ‘¡Ay, caramba!’ says it all with style. (In case you’re wondering, ‘caramba’ is a Spanish word that, on a positive note, expresses surprise. On a negative note, it expresses pain. Let’s go with surprise, here). You can try singing ‘¡Ay, caramba!’ Singing is apparently a great mnemonic tool with which to remember things.

Here’s another great Spanish word: ‘¡Salud!’ It means ‘cheers.’ If you want to be romantic this Valentine’s Day, you can whisper ‘te amo’ in your girlfriend’s ear. That means ‘I love you.’

Of course the beauty of learning a new language in the 21st century is that you can learn it online. Just google ‘Spanish lessons online.’ I did, and I was surprised by the number of courses available.

There are a huge number of free online Spanish-English lessons that have audio clips of words and phrases. Alison offers two, both of which are free, Introduction to Spanish, and Basic Spanish – Restaurants and Dining Out. Duolingo has its courses presented in five minute lessons that run like a game and offer rewards. Babbel has inexpensive online courses in spoken and written Spanish, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Studyspanish.com has beginner, intermediate and advanced level Spanish courses. There are even online Spanish courses with one-on-one lessons being given on Skype that include free video resources, and interactive online games. These are flexible, allowing you to customize your courses to your own personal requirements. Busuu has lessons in 10 minute segments that you can run with smartphone apps. They claim that you’ll be learning with 60 million people worldwide, online.

So there you have it. ¡Ay, caramba!

Want to start learning Spanish from day one? Book a free trial now! No commitment and no credit card required.

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